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SchoolMessenger provides our school administrators the ability to deliver personalized phone or email messages to every parent or staff, or select groups, through an easy-to-use web based system.

SchoolMessenger will be used to notify parents of school cancellations, policy changes, and general reminders. In addition, we will use this system to email the 'Friday Packet' of information to all families.

In order to ensure the most accurate delivery of this information, we need some data from our currently enrolled families. We need your preferred phone and email information for every student currently enrolled. Each student record in SchoolMessenger is allowed up to 5 phone numbers and up to 5 email addresses.

Please complete the following form and click SUBMIT. A separate form should be completed for each student in your family. Please include as many phone numbers as you deem necessary (the more phone numbers you provide - either cell or landline - the better we can reach you!) You must include at least one phone number and email address! Please use this form any time you need to update or change your phone numbers or email addresses. (These records are maintained by the administration of St. James the Greater School - they are not shared with any other entity.)

Student Name
Phone Number #1
Phone Number #2
Phone Number #3
Email Address #1
Email Address #2
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