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8th Grade

Mrs. Roslawski's EduConnect Page

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Hi, my name is Sioux Roslawski. I'm the 8th grade homeroom teacher. Most students and parents call me Mrs. R because Roslawski is long and--for some--difficult to pronounce. I teach literature, writing and social studies to the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

I am incredibly excited to be at St. James. It's obvious that the parents, students and staff work together to create a wonderful community here. I've been a teacher in public schools for twenty-six years and because of the student work I've facilitated, I firmly believe this: every student can learn more about themselves through their writing, and they can learn more about the world through the books they read.

For 6th-8th grade literature, we'll be reading a variety of short stories, novels, articles and poems. Sometimes we'll be reading using writer's eyes. Asking ourselves questions such as, "Why did the author choose to use that particular simile?" or "Why did the writer choose to begin their story with a flashback?" will help us recognize writing strategies--writing craft techniques that we can use in our own writing.

And speaking of writing, we'll be drafting various genre pieces, including memoir, informative, persuasive/argumentative and poetry. Sharing our writing and responding to each other's pieces is integral to the writing community. In the beginning of the school year we'll be working on some memoir pieces to introduce ourselves to each other as writers and as human beings. As the year progresses, we'll be creating some digital pieces which will allow us to use graphics and text and music to convey our message.

In social studies we'll be studying history. Whenever possible, we will integrate writing and reading with social studies. Some of the work we do will be on an individual basis; other work will be done in pairs or small groups.

I have teaching certifications in elementary grades 1-6, along with social studies and language arts for grades 4-8. In the summer I teach a graduate writing class at University of Missouri-St. Louis. I have two grown children and a granddaughter who's in fifth grade. Please don't hesitate to drop by, call or email if you have a question or concern. I'm confident your son/daughter will truly flourish this year...

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