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8th Grade

Mrs. Roslawski's EduConnect Page

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My name is Sioux Roslawski. I teach literature to grades 5-8 and communication arts to grades 4-8. I'm certified in elementary education (1-8), language arts (4-8) and social studies (4-8). Also, I'm the homeroom teacher for the 8th graders.

In our 5th grade literature classes we'll be primarily using the reading textbook. In the middle school grades we'll primarily rely on literature sets. Some of the books will be nonfiction such as Night (which the 8th graders will read), and some will be novels, like The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (which the 6th graders will read). Students will respond to the literature in a variety of ways. Hopefully, every 4th-8th grader this year will discover at least one book or author they fall in love with.

In our language classes all students will be writing a variety of pieces in a variety of genres, including poetry, personal narratives, informative, explanatory, persuasive/argumentative and multi genre (8th grade only). Some of the writing will go to the "published" stage and others will remain in the draft stage. Some of the student writing will be presented in digital forms (movies or slide shows) and others will be orally shared with the group.

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