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4th/5th Grades

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Hello my name is Mrs. Cronin and I have been teaching for over 13 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Webster University. I have a teaching certificate and a Master's Degree from UMSL. I also have Pius VI religious certification. This year I teach our Fourth Graders Social Studies, Religion, Reading, Language Arts, and Science and I teach Fifth Grade Science.

Fourth Grade is a challenging, but fun filled year. Students learn to become more independent and responsible. This is the first year Fourth grade switches classrooms for a core class.

In Reading class, students will study fiction and non - fiction text. We read text found in the Treasures Reading Series which integrates Science, Social Studies and technology. Each week students are learning skills to analyze the text. Fourth Grade students are learning to formulate higher order thinking questions. They are also learning to answer these questions using support from the text. Students also read three novels over the academic year and learn to participate in literature circles where they participate in various roles such as the discussion director, summarizer, word clarifier, and connector/ predictor.

In Language Arts, students learn the writing process. Fourth Graders work on expressing ideas using descriptive words and details. Students write narratives, research reports, and persuasive letters.

The Fourth Grade Science curriculum is very hands on and inquiry based. Students learn through experiments. We study nutrition, the human body, earth movements, embryology and the life cycle of a chicken, plants and animals, and the STEM process.

Fourth grade students switch for Math. They use the Saxon Math Program, which is a spiral program so students are constantly reviewing concepts introduced in previous lessons. Students continue to develop basic math skills as they analyze number patterning and review addition and subtraction. These basic skills will be applied to multiplication, fractions, division, geometry, and basic algebra.

Through religious education, students continue to develop in their spiritual journey. Fourth Grade students grow closer to God through studying the saints, relating the Ten Commandments to their lives, studying the Beatitudes, and understanding the importance of prayer.

Fifth Grade Science is an inquiry based curriculum. Students will research, plan, and perform experiments using the Scientific Method. Fifth Grade students study the planets, air and weather, microscopes, the human eye, and how it relates to a lens, the Scientific Method, and simple machines. Students in Fourth Grade learn to become compassionate independent learners.

Through professional development provided by the Archdiocese, I have continued to grow professionally. My professional development not only allows me to fulfill my teaching goals, but my spiritual goals as well. These experiences give me the ability to provide opportunities to my students that facilitate their academic success and build character.

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