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3rd Grade

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Hello! My name is Tara Murphey, and I have been teaching at Saint James the Greater for 11 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Lindenwood University, and I have a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. My third grade is a self-contained class.

In third grade, we learn to be a little more self-sufficient and responsible, We work on many exciting projects, use technology, and learn to work with others in a cooperative setting.

In Reading, students study fiction and nonfiction text. All our text is found in Treasures Reading Series. Each week, students learn different skills to analyze the material. Students also learn to use examples from the text to support answers. The exciting part of this series is that you are able to access the book on-line with a username and passcode.

In Language Arts, students learn different aspects of grammar such as: verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and etc. Also, students begin to learn about the Writing Process. Third graders learn what topic sentences are, how to write a solid paragraph, and to write different genres of papers.

In Math, students use Saxon Math. Saxon Math is a spirling program, so students are constantly reviewing concepts taught. Also, third grade is a big year for learning our Multiplication facts and how to divide.

The Third Grade Science curriculum is a very hands on and inquiry based. Students learn ideas through experiments . We study buoyancy, sink or float, force, and motion.

In Social Studies, students learn about their community, directions, and history of our world.

Third grade curriculum in Religion is a faith based journey. Third graders continue to grow closer to God through the study of the Saints, Moses, Adam and Eve,and the Ten Commandments. Finally, students begin to learn the true meaning of prayer and their faith.

Over these past eleven years, I have seen myself grow as an educator, a mom, and as person. I have been given many opportunities provided by the Archdiocese and Saint James to grow. I look forward to seeing what other experiences await me here at Saint James the Greater.

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