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Extra-Curricular Activities
Bellarmine Speech Team - Participating students in grades 5-8 develop and improve their public speaking skills by memorizing and performing material in Humorous, Serious, and Duet categories. Students compete in three Speech Meets with teams from other schools during the school year. Ribbons are awarded to participants based upon the total score received from two judges. A final meet with all participating schools is held at the end of each school year. At the final meet, trophies are awarded to the top 20% of participants in addition to the traditional ribbons.

Youth Ministry - Click HERE to learn more about the Youth Ministry program at St. James the Greater.

Parish Athletics - Click HERE to learn more about Athletic Programs at St. James the Greater.

Altar Server - Students in Grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in altar service (for weekend masses, all-school masses as well as weddings and funerals).

Safety Patrol - Students in Grades 5-8 are eligible to serve on the safety patrol before and after school.

Chess Club - Kindergarten-8th Grade: Chess enhances scholastic abilities and it's a fun way to practice concentration, patience, logic and mental calculations. Classes meet Mondays from 3-4pm.

Robotics - Course is designed for grades 6, 7 & 8. Class will meet Wednesdays between 3:15 and 4:15. Robotics combine a multitude of skills including mechanical, electrical, design, computer and construction.

Student Council Organization (STUCO) - Click HERE for the constitution.
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