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Hello, my name is Mrs. Schmidt. I teach computers to kindergarten through sixth grade. We have enough computers in our lab for every child to work at their own computer during class. Along with the other classrooms in the building, we have a SmartBoard in the computer lab as well. (Please read more about the SmartBoards below) When Computer Class is not in session, the individual classroom teachers have the opportunity to use the lab for student work.

In the elementary grades, the students learn about the components of a computer and the proper way to care for them. They also learn keyboarding skills and the different key functions. Because the internet is such an integral part of society, we spend a good deal of time and effort in teaching useful internet skills to the children. It is imperative that the students understand how to properly access the internet and the importance of internet safety. Students in the elementary grades are able to save and print their own material. Both the elementary and intermediate grades learn how to use the internet for research and to channel this research into insightful presentations.

The intermediate grades learn keyboarding as well, but they are working toward speed and accuracy. The students learn how to put together PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and basic tables. They also have the chance to show their creative side by designing brochures, signs and banners. The students also have the opportunity to create a network with their fellow classmates. Every year the students build on their prior knowledge of computers and I am amazed at how much they teach each other!

Here is a little about myself. I graduated with honors from the University of Missouri -St. Louis with a degree in Elementary Education. It was very important for me to teach in a Catholic school because I had the opportunity to attend Catholic schools from Kindergarten through my freshman year of college. I have valued every moment of my Catholic education. This is my fourth year teaching at St. James. I taught second grade for three years prior to having my first child. I now teach the computer classes on a part-time basis. I love that I am able to use my passion for teaching one day a week, while still being able to stay home with my children. This is a wonderful community of people and I cannot say enough fantastic things about the staff and especially the families here at St. James the Greater.

SMART Boards

Smart Board IllustrationA SMART Board is an interactive learning tool which helps engage and motivate students. SMART Board technology combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. The touch-sensitive display of the SMART Board connects to the classroom computer and a digital projector in order to show the computer image. Students and teachers may then control computer applications directly from the SMART Board display. They may also write notes in digital ink and save work to share later.

If you would like to take a virtual tour of a SMART Board, please click HERE.

As of the 2006-2007 school year, SMART Boards have been installed in every classroom at St. James The Greater School.

Smart Board - Kindergarten          Smart Board - 2nd Grade

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